Partners Illustration

OptConnect Partner Program

OptConnect’s Partner Program provides a way for companies to use OptConnect’s cellular connectivity services as a revenue stream. Companies can begin selling cellular services immediately without the need to build, buy or develop systems, technologies, plans or teams to support it. Leveraging OptConnect’s managed cellular services helps companies get to market quicker with a reputable name and quality that customers can trust.

Resellers vs. Remarketers

Companies have two options to choose from when partnering with OptConnect, a Remarketer or Reseller. A Remarketer will refer an opportunity or customer to OptConnect and then receives a percentage of the billing each month. A Reseller receives a predetermined buy rate which is then marked up and sold at a margin of their choice.

Are We a Good Match?

Are you interested in becoming a remarketer or reseller? Contact us today to see if you’d be a good fit for the OptConnect Partner Program.